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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Stocking Stuffer to Think About

This is the very first image to be uploaded and posted on this site. It seems wholly appropriate to give advanced praise for this upcoming book, written by bloggers Jerome Armstrong (MyDD) and Markos (DailyKos) Zuniga, from reputable Working Assets Publications.

While this book could certainly be cast as partisan, I prefer to back the progressive activism expressed.

$25 Advanced Limited Edition Copies available here.

Click on the cover to order.

I know that the "people-powered" movement, which has expressed itself time and time again throughout history in world events, also has had a particular expression and impact in my life and others.

Online activism, blogs, RapidResponse Networks, action-alerts, etc. have galvanized a movement, harnessed accesible technology, and turned disengagement, mistrust, and apathy into inspired and committed citizenry.

Hats off to my wife, who introduced me to the online progressive movement, for getting me involved in Dean For America and MeetUP in May 2003, for pointing me to DKos, for getting me started on StreetProphets, and for keeping me informed by her consistent commitment to progressive politics, sensible debate, and deep faith.

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Anonymous leenie in va said...

You rock!
Now put your hat back on! It's cold outside! :-)

December 07, 2005 2:38 PM


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