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Monday, November 21, 2005

Time to Step Up

Time to Leave- New York Times Select:

"Mr. Bush never asked the nation for the sacrifices - higher taxes, a bigger military and, possibly, a revived draft - that might have made a long-term commitment to Iraq possible. Instead, the war has been fought on borrowed money and borrowed time. And time is running out. With some military units on their third tour of duty in Iraq, the superb volunteer army that Mr. Bush inherited is in increasing danger of facing a collapse in quality and morale similar to the collapse of the officer corps in the early 1970's."--Paul Krugman, 11/21/2005

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Everyone has their own pet issues. While I did not single-issue vote in the 2004 presidential election, it's obvious that foreign policy, the ill-advised war of choice in Iraq, the chain of eroding civil liberties in the ultra-reactionary response to 9-11, were among the character flaws I saw in "staying the course" with the present leadership.

I know others felt differently. And indeed, by a slim margin that was hailed as a national mandate, Mr. Bush was re-elected.

Despite that, my original issues of interest and my ongoing concern has not changed. Neither has my opinion of the present leadership. And, for whatever reasons, public polls seem to have drifted my way.

It's easy to dismiss polls--how accurate are they? Why would you fashion such important policies after their statistics?, etc. But I do have to ask some simple questions that do deserve follow up.

What one or two things were people expecting Mr. Bush to deliver? Not something vague like "keeping us safe at home" or "fighting for our freedoms abroad." But something specific. Job creation, economic stimulation? Alternative fuels? Educational assistance? Some type of social issue? Environmental protection? Smaller government? Fiscal responsibility?Whatever it was (and I do believe publically it was something about social security and tax reform), what can one point to that says "He's delivered."

And, if you can actually do that, how does that measure up on balance against the outlines of my ongoing concerns?

I just don't see where he's delivered. As the quote above suggests, there's nothing in the policies he did enact that seems to have helped my list of concerns, or even helped Mr. Bush to accomplish his own agenda.

How did they help you?
Other people are dying. It's time to weigh in on your vote.

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