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Sunday, September 11, 2005

We begin bombing in five minutes...

Independent Online Edition:
"The Pentagon has drawn up a new strategy, built on the 2002 Bush doctrine of pre-emptive military strikes, that would allow the United States to make first use of nuclear weapons to thwart an attack using weapons of mass destruction against the country."

Is anybody from SNAFU Control wondering why this strategy wasn't available prior to invading Iraq? We could have had the clear and decisive victory we needed. Right?

Clearly, it appears that the ideologues who back such "robust" nuclear options as these have an overdeveloped sense of who lives and who dies--and who gets to make that choice.

Critics, take the stance that further nuclear weapons development would be hypocrital of the U.S. in regards to non-proliferation. But a much simpler argument would be asking what is the critical difference between WMDs and nuclear fall-out meant to eradicate that threat?

This reminds me of the laundry detergent commercial for NEW ERA whose slogan was "Protein gets out protein." And my sister laughably replied, "Then why can't mustard get out ketchup?"


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