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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Herndon Day Labor Site: Response

Herndon Gets It Right - [Washington Post]:

"The proposed day-laborer center is not the problem; it is a response to a condition created by an unrealistic federal policy that offers visas to no more than 10,000 unskilled workers a year when the jobs available number many times that. Stepped-up enforcement isn't necessarily the answer: Immigration should not be under the purview of local police, and federal authorities have come to the reasonable conclusion that raiding parking lots where immigrants gather to seek gainful employment need not be a priority."
I received an unsigned, irate, handwritten, and somewhat verbally profane letter in response to my LTE. To be generous, the most interesting point the writer made was that day laborers work at menial jobs that Americans don't want to do precisely because there are day laborers cheaply available. But this system is inherently elitist and enslaving.
Unfortunately this apparent moral concern was sandwiched between profanity and anger at increases in property taxes "going to school illegals and build schools for them"[sic] and having "to pay for their health costs and keeping them in prisons." The writer concluded with the forecast that "one day soon we will be in the minority and fall like Rome did."
To be fair, the writer missed the actual point of my LTE and was speaking to the larger issue of immigration and his thoughts on the matter. And it seemed he simply wanted to make the point that I was either a "dumb ass" or "f-king ignorant."
There is much I could say, but the writer did not offer me the opportunity to respond in similar fashion. So I'll simply make two points. First, when I have something of value to say to someone, I provide my name. Second, my letter was worth publishing in the Washington Post and is amplified by the Washington Post Editorial cited above.

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Anonymous leenie in va said...

Really? THOSE are your two comments? :-D

Well, I've got more. Clearly, this person does what Eugene Delgaudio (not surprisingly) does, which is to equate "illegal immigrants" with "criminals." Now yes, illegal immigrants are violating federal immigration law and are thus engaging in criminal behavior. Unfortunately, the writer of the un-signed note, Delgaudio, and others don't mean THAT kind of criminal, do they? They mean the kind that robs your house and rapes your wife...the kind that chicken-ass anonymous writer's property taxes are paying to keep in jail...you know, the kind with dark skin (not unlike the author of this blog who, along with his Darkie compatriots are causing the fall of our modern-day Rome). That's what's disgusting about this whole thing.

Now, as for the facts, you and the Washington Post, of course, are spot-on. If the Feds want to crack down on illegal immigration, let them. It's correct for them to uphold the law. But as evidenced by the huindreds of people currently in the Herndon 7-11 parking lot every day, NOT having a shelter hasn't discouraged anything, particualrly not when rich Northern Virginians are picking them up to do the stuff they can't lower themselves to do. So the problem with getting them out of the burning sun is...what again?

August 21, 2005 10:21 AM


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