Evolution may favor religious diversity, but the tail does not wag the fish.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Too Good to Pass Up

Virgin Birth Expected at Christmas -- By Komodo Dragon

Nature, following the liturgical year of Christians, had somehow chosen to mimic at least part of the Nativity Story by reproducing the "immaculate conception" in a komodo dragon. The biological term is parthenogenesis, which in this case simply means a female komodo dragon ovulated and had her own eggs begin to divide and produce new life without the help of any male sperm.

This "miracle" is of scientific note. Though what is even more amazing is that the komodo dragon joins a list of other animals known in nature to be able to "immaculately conceive."

Of course, speaking from a purely spiritual point of view, all life is in some sense at its base, truly miraculous. Though this is again fodder for the creationists and evolutionists who tend to get tripped up in such glad tidings of great joy.